thunder bay coffee shop owner

Sara Fluegruger


Sara, a graduate of environmental science at Lakehead University, concentrated her honors thesis on shade grown coffee. She was conducting soil analyses on coffee farms in Honduras. Most recently, Sara worked for the Environmental Management and Quality Control division within the Liquid Waste Services department of Metro Vancouver in British Columbia. Besides being a Thunder Bay coffee shop owner, Sara spends her spare time bird watching. She also likes hanging out with her pets Hopsy(cat), Fudge(frog) Junco(gecko) and putting up with Cory.

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Cory Fluegruger


Cory, a twenty year bartender and graduate of fine-art bartending school in 1999, has bounced around between bartending gigs in multiple cities. These include, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Most recently, Cory served time as General Manager/bartender for the past seven years at The Raven Pub in North Vancouver, British Columbia and was released on time served and good behavior. You may have a hazy memory of seeing him bartend around town over the years at Tony & Adam’s, Rockhouse, Gargoyles, Armanis, Warp 9, Lucky’s Tavern and Rock 94 Tavern. Therefore, as a Thunder Bay coffee shop owner, he brings a wide range of experience to this current business venture.

thunder bay coffee shop co-owner cat

Kitten the Cat


Recently retired, Kitten enjoys a life of leisure and relaxation as a not so silent co-owner of the Groggy Toad. She enjoys fine tuna, bird watching and murder.

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Groggy the Toad. >>>>


Possibly the worst Mario Kart player of all time, Groggy also spends his days losing at Laser Tag, Ruk Shuk and Risk.

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